Inside Line Studios is proud to announce a revolutionary new war simulation experience currently in development for multiple platforms. Go beyond the traditional soldier’s perspective and immerse yourself in diverse roles – from infantry in Operation Bushmaster II to the courageous tunnel rats of Cu Chi, and more. Experience intense jungle warfare, navigate treacherous landscapes, and so much more.

This immersive journey commemorates battles won and lost, while honoring and remembering the lives forever altered by the brutal realities of the Vietnam War. Prepare to be entertained as you reenact historically faithful and realistic portrayals of the Vietnam War experience. Are you prepared to jump into the heart of this complex conflict?

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Visually Stunning Landscapes

The Brothers Forever Vietnam journey wouldn’t be complete without the stunningly diverse terrains and vibrant, ever-changing foliage of Vietnam. From lush agricultural villages nestled amidst fertile fields and rice paddies, to impassable swamps tangled with elephant grass, and foreboding jungles teeming with life, Seasonal weather patterns transform the very terrain beneath your feet, creating an immersive game environment that places you at the mercy of a world as changeable as it is captivating.

Realistic bASES, cITIES, & vILLAGES

To effectively depict the essence and diversity of Vietnam during the period of the Conflict, we are meticulously designing intricate cities and villages that capture the stark contrast of a range of inhabited areas, spanning from secluded settlements nestled in the jungle to bustling cityscapes brimming with vitality. Engage with a diverse range of NPCs who populate the world around you, enriching gameplay by adding depth and authenticity, providing a fully immersive experience.

Flyable Aircraft

Embark on an expedition across the expansive landscapes of Vietnam, where stunning vistas reveal themselves amidst the tumult of war. Navigate through unrelenting onslaughts of artillery barrages and small arms fire with skill and agility. Unleash napalm on insurgent Viet Cong forces overwhelming the defenses of your brothers-in-arms, or deliver crucial assistance through reinforcements, extractions, and air dropping essential supplies. Launch daring reconnaissance missions, revealing strategic installations and encampments nestled within heavily fortified zones. Test your mettle against dogged foes in heart-pounding aerial clashes, mastering intricate maneuvers vital for survival in life-or-death skirmishes.

Drivable Vehicles

Take charge of iconic vehicles from the Vietnam War era, from lumbering across the countryside in the mighty M48 Patton tank to deftly navigating Jeeps through thick jungles. Whether you’re in intense battles or carrying out a daring rescue in an M725 ambulance, every moment will keep you on the edge of your seat, maneuvering through enemy ambushes and navigating treacherous and muddy terrain. Each vehicle is meticulously recreated to provide an unmatched driving experience. It’s about more than just combat; our goal is to revolutionize war simulation: forge strong bonds with your crew as you are drawn deeper into the conflict with every roar of the engine and every turn of the wheel in these meticulously reproduced Vietnam War-era vehicles.

Authentic artillery

As enemy vehicles and aircraft unleash relentless attacks on your bases, quickly man nearby artillery to shield your comrades. Take part in intense, high-stakes explosive showdowns where every moment counts, and the outcome is uncertain. The artillery you use is faithfully recreated from the Vietnam War era, offering an authentic experience that mirrors the weaponry of the time. Your speed and skills will be put to the test as you strive to protect your base and fellow soldiers under the blistering pressure of battle. 

Historically Accurate Weapons

Arm yourself with your sidearm to fend off platoons of Viet Cong regulars assaulting your forward base. Search for ammunition to reload your favorite submachine gun, rifle, or shotgun, thwarting the hordes attempting to breach your lines. Use grenades and other explosives to repel enemy waves while coordinating a “danger close” mortar strike. Utilize your dependable knife or trusty combat shovel to repulse foes breaching your defenses. All weapons featured were employed during the Vietnam War, guaranteeing faithful representation of popular models. Stay alert for loot drops from fallen enemies to secure unique weapons, modifications, and armor of varying quality. Maintain your gear carefully, as lack of attention can lead to degradation! 

Customizable Characters & Battledress

Fully immerse yourself in this authentic Vietnam War era simulation by customizing your avatar‘s physical features and select from a realistic range of historically accurate battle attire. Personalize your character’s appearance and features to make it a faithful representation of yourself, or play as the best self you can imagine, as you step into the boots of a soldier during this pivotal era. Choose from the variety of clothing and gear options available to soldiers of the time, modifying your battledress and gear to customize your character’s appearance, abilities, and stats. Complete your build with personal items: pictures of loved ones, personal weapons, a deck of playing cards, a trusty Zippo lighter, a tin flask, favorite throwing knife, lucky rabbit’s foot, a letter from home, etc. 

Brothers Forever™ – Ace of Spades

Following a taxing mission, unwind with the familiar ritual of igniting a cigar, sipping from a cherished bottle of cognac, and immersing yourself in a spirited card game with your brothers. This interlude of tranquility serves as an invaluable reprieve to solidify the bonds within your squad and rejuvenate your spirits for the unknown that lies ahead.

Alongside the epic saga of Brothers Forever – Vietnam we are crafting “Ace of Spades”, a mobile game, seamlessly integrated within the expansive Brothers Forever™ universe. This will deliver an unparalleled on-the-go adventure that ensures your continuous connection to the pulse of the action, no matter your whereabouts. This represents just one of the many side projects we are tirelessly developing to elevate and enrich your gaming journey beyond imagination.